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Goulich the Foul once more heard the whispers from the abyss. They would send Goulich’s Blood Knights; his most powerful undead warriors to collect heads from the 13 clans of earth bound fiends. Once these 13 skulls were assembled, and the words were spoken the world would enter into the Blood Night, a time of chaos when the dead would rise and the Old Ones would walk the earth once more. Then at last mankind would be little more than terrified helpless food.

This cutting edge “extreme” beverage is taking the market by storm! Created by Necrotech Labs, this is the first product in the food industry designed by a pioneering bioweapons defense contractor! Using chemicals developed to make our soldiers fight harder and longer, it’s no wonder ZOMBIE RAMPAGE can help you study for that test or drive 18 hours in a row during spring break!

Although ZOMBIE RAMPAGE is still awaiting FDA approval, we can now offer this tasty and powerful elixir on a limited basis to specialized markets through this excusive offer!  Visit NETHERWORLD Haunted House in Atlanta GA this October and be one of the first to experience the power of ZOMBIE RAMPAGE!  Strong enough to raise the Dead!

Reviews from 2009

#1 Hometown Haunted House in America


Rated the #2 Haunted House in America Magazine

Rated the #4 Haunted House in America by AOL Digital City

The performers are outstanding, the movie quality special effects are riveting and the detailed sets are chillingly unique. If you're a diehard thrill-seeker, this is one attraction that will scare the jeepers creepers out of you.

AOL Digital City

"Hands down the best haunted house in resembles more of a horror film than your old-school haunted house.
Expect to get the hell scared out of you in the parking lot,
so you can imagine what awaits inside."

Citysearch Atlanta

#2. Netherworld - Atlanta, Georgia
"Netherworld is truly an awe-inspiring haunted house."

Rated The Scariest Haunt in the Eastern U.S. Region

"This top-rated haunted house is not for the weak-kneed or the weak of heart - but isn't that the point?"

Where Atlanta Magazine

"At this haunted house, you'll find scary stuff that seems to come straight from the set of a horror movie...nothing at NETHERWORLD is done on an amateur level."