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From the foulest pits of the NETHERWORLD surge a horde of Huge Savage Monsters! Massive brutal things coursing with evil intelligence hunt humans and drag them away ALIVE, screaming into the darkness! Lead by a Nightmarish WARLORD, these things cannot be stopped, unless the books that summoned them are destroyed! Can they be defeated before the hideous ABOMINATION they serve infects all mankind?

Shipwrecked on an island of mystery, you hear the sounds of drums in the darkness! Ancient idols carved from volcanic rock glare from the shadows as you race through the jungle. Wild animals and deadly head hunters stalk you at every turn!

At last you reach a massive Stone God lurking behind a bloodstained altar. The ritual can now begin…the sacrifice has arrived!

What lurks in Mann’s abandoned meat processing plant?

Local teens say that the place, long ago closed for selling tainted meat, still runs on moonless nights. Some believe an inbred tribe of cannibal squatters hides in the twisted corridors, packing their latest victims into cans for later feasting!

Bribing the old security guard, you creep into this monument of urban decay, eager to uncover the secrets of the place. And you never return!

Reviews from 2005

“The big daddy of haunted houses.”

Gwinnett Daily Post

"I left Netherworld invigorated and inspired, realizing what can be possible through years of dedication, hard work and enthusiasm. Netherworld is the only haunted house I have visited that actually exceeds its reputation."

– Brett Bertolino, Assistant Program Director for Operations & Special Events at Eastern State Penitentiary Historic Site

“Netherworld is a paradise for anyone who likes to be frightened.”

The Sentinel

Netherworld has always had an eye for
extreme detail and is the home of an amazing collection of monsters and props sure to please any horror fan.”

Key Atlanta Magazine

Ranked in the top 13 Haunted Houses in the country by AOL City Search 2005

Featured in Nickelodeon Magazine along with 5 other noteworthy  haunts from around the country

“A way to celebrate all things scary on a grand scale.”

Key Atlanta Magazine

“If you want to be scared this season, Netherworld is definitely the place to go.”

Key Atlanta Magazine

“One of the best haunted houses ever created.”

Where Atlanta Magazine

“The most chillingly authentic experience.”

Gothic Beauty

“Netherworld leaves no gravestone unturned when it comes to creating a realistic experience.”

Gothic Beauty

“A frightful surprise.”

Gothic Beauty

“Full of thrills, chills, and absolute terror.”

The Spotlight

“World famous!”


“May be too intense for all but the bravest of thrill-seekers.”

Gwinnett Daily Post

“The setup at Netherworld is so ingenious and the costumes are so exquisitely done that a few monsters are bound to make you scream.”

The Emory Wheel

“The diversity of monsters and the creativity of its sets make it one to be revisited.”

The Emory Wheel

“A heart-racing adventure.”

The Emory Wheel

“A trip to Netherworld will certainly give you the chills.”

The Emory Wheel

“Netherworld haunted house – it’s scary shit!”

The Sting

“Stunning makeup and costuming.”

The Technique

“A mainstay of the Halloween scene in the Atlanta area for years—and for good reason.”

The Covington News

“High production values, enthusiastic performers and a changing line-up of three haunted attractions make it an excellent entertainment choice for the thrill-seeking Halloween enthusiast.”

The Covington News

“Keeps even the more seasoned haunted house-goer on edge.”

The Covington News

“Colossal monsters, wild special effects and intense actors are sure to scare the bravest of souls!”

The Weekly

“Each year the Netherworld team produces an even more amazing show than the one before it.”

The Weekly

“A unique experience into the realm of fear.”

The Sentinel

“Spooks it up with movie-style special effects and elaborate scares for the Halloween season.”

The Gwinnett Answer Book, AJC

“The famed haunted house is able to keep scaring the jeepers creepers out of Atlanta thrill-seekers every year.”

AOL City Guide

“Last year’s Spirit of the Dead and the Purgatory-inspired Oblivion probably sparked a steep rise in nightlight sales around town.”

AOL City Guide

“If you dare to go to Netherworld, bring a change of underwear!”

Rampway Online, GSU’s online magazine

“A one-of-a-kind experience.”

Rampway Online

“The Netherworld show is truly amazing…the best seasonal haunt I have seen.”

Barrel O’ Fun