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After the cemetery was flooded in 1932, Whyshburg Burial Grounds was purchased by the mysterious Professor Victor Chillighast, along with an old manor house and funeral home located on the property. A wealthy recluse, he is rumored to have performed strange rituals involving spirits of the dead…some say to prolong his evil life.

Others say he was never a man at all, but rather an agent of the Dark Ones called the Collector, sent to gather souls for his masters and open the doorway to the NETHERWORLD! Whatever foul secrets are hidden in the sunken tombs and hidden catacombs of Whyshburg, it is certain that many who have sought the truth there have never returned!

Sam found the book one day in an old dug out hollow in the scary tree in his back yard. As dusk fell he began to read the stories: tales of hungry spiders and evil witches, smelly trolls and big bad wolves. Later that evening he dreamed he was looking at the tree and it was looking back…looking back with hungry eyes! That’s when it ate him. Then next morning, when the police were searching the neighborhood for the missing boy, no one thought to read the silver bound book by his night stand. If they had, they might have noticed the last story in the book called…THE NIGHT SAM WAS EATEN.

Now it's your turn to flip the page, to learn the secrets of VERY SCARY TALES in 3D!



WHEN you DIE…And you are evil…before you are cast into the pit of eternal agony…

You come here…to OBLIVION. WE will prepare you for your new life.

We will modify your flesh to survive and flourish in your new home.

If you adapt to our experiments you will become a thing of power, a creature of torment…

But if you fail, your suffering will be amplified for all time.

Welcome to Pain. Welcome to Darkness. Welcome To OBLIVION!

Reviews from 2004

"One of the Top 10 Haunts in the nation"

– Hauntworld Magazine

“It just wouldn’t be Halloween in Atlanta without the mind-bending frights of the renowned Netherworld Haunted House.”

Sunday Paper

“The massive animatronic creatures inspire awe.”

Creative Loafing

Telly Award Finalist for "The True Netherworld Story of the Harvestman"

“Netherworld scares the bejesus out of us!”

Creative Loafing

“Netherworld offers a harmlessly horrifying respite from real-life anxieties.”

– Creative Loafing

“One of the city’s best attractions, Netherworld continues to offer frightful Halloween experiences.”

AJC access Atlanta

“Filled with terrifying life actors, amazing special effects, and incredible monsters.”


“In Atlanta’s storied tradition of truly harrowing haunted houses, there’s Netherworld, and then there’s everyone else.”

AOL city guide Atlanta

“Netherworld haunted house—Halloween’s most harrowing frightfest.”

AOL city guide Atlanta

“Three terrifying stories to follow and the foulest demons you’ll ever see—our pick for the best spook house around.”

AOL city guide Atlanta

“Horror-ific Halloween fun.”

AOL city guide Atlanta

“Being scared has never been so much fun!!”

The Weekly Online!

“With elaborate sets, cutting edge special effects, terrifying actors, and intense lighting and sound, NETHERWORLD Haunted House will shock and amaze you at every turn.”

The Weekly Online!

“An event that is sure to both frighten and entertain.”

The Weekly Online!

“One of the nation’s most popular Halloween events.”

The Weekly Online!

“Netherworld is one of the most creative and ingenious Haunted Attractions ever conceived. Each year the Netherworld team creates an unbelievably new and frightening environment for those of use who love to be frightened!”

– Leonard Pickel, Editor of Haunted Attraction Magazine

“NETHERWORLD has been applauded by the likes of CNN, The Wall Street Journal, Rue Morgue Magazine, and Hauntworld the Magazine as one of the top Haunted Houses in the country.”


Ranked in the top 13 haunted houses in the nation by Hauntworld Magazine

“Throughout our surveys, Netherworld was clearly the most popular haunted house.”

Hauntworld Magazine

“Is anyone doing makeup and creating custom monsters on the level of Netherworld?

Hauntworld Magazine

“Think about everything you wanted to get from the movie “Van Helsing” but didn’t—that’s Netherworld.”

AJC Gwinnett News

“The three separate attractions don’t simply 'BOO!' audiences to death. They scare, disorient, disturb and scare again.”

AJC Gwinnett News

“Visitors from across Georgia and even the surrounding states come to see the new thrills and chills Netherworld has to offer.”

Gwinnett Daily Post

“This isn’t your typical cheesy haunted house.”

Atlanta Buzz

“Featuring three new shows, professional actors, Hollywood style makeup and costumes, state-of-the-art special effects and tons of other haunting surprises, Netherworld offers you the Halloween experience of a lifetime!”

Atlanta Buzz

“Netherworld Haunted House: Bring a friend to cling to!”

Georgia State’s

“I screamed so loud and so often that I felt my eardrums pop.”

Georgia State’s

“The original, and by far the most petrifying.”

Georgia State’s

“Hands down one of the most creative and scariest haunted houses. Ever.”

Where Atlanta Magazine

“Experience a world full of frightening tales and haunted spirits—Netherworld offers scary tales and haunted hallways that will spook you into this Halloween season.”

Georgia Magazine