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Welcome! I am Professor Randolph Vargus, Director of Inner Sanctum, Inc. and the inventor of the Preatorious Insinuator Mark 7! My device extracts the purest form of fear from the human brain – and gives it flesh! Once we create these shadow creatures from the deepest recesses of a subject's mind…we can then destroy them…curing our patients of their madness! Or…we can keep the things alive for …further study…

Now prepare yourself to explore INNER SANCTUM ….
I warn you to be on your guard…I have heard reports that some of our inmates have escaped…. But I am sure my staff is exaggerating…
Good Luck! You’re going to need it!

Welcome one and all to the terrifying House of Creeps! So shocking, so demented, women faint and men run out screaming!

Marvel at the Freaks! Wonders of nature and mistakes of Science!

Do you like clowns??? Well, in the House of Creeps, they like you!

Only in the House of Creeps – a real live Alien Autopsy! Watch it wiggle in agony as strange organs are removed!

For your amazement, from the depths of the earth come the Macro Viruses! See these subterranean flesh eaters glow with radiation before they attack!


Reviews from 2002

“Packing a shivering punch year after year, this is one event not to be missed.”


“Spine tingling.”


“Netherworld scares the crap out of you!”

GSU Signal

“Netherworld is definitely not for the weak hearted.”

GSU Signal

“Those seeking a good scare should head to Netherworld.”

GSU Signal

“Among the most impressive and scary inventions in the house are hydraulic and pneumatic-driven monsters, gigantic insects, holographic decors, and lots of animation.”

GSU Signal

“Every little detail is taken care of—the spider webs, the desolated rooms, even the smell, all contribute to the spooky atmosphere.”

GSU Signal

THE Halloween-time attraction in the Atlanta-area.”

Prick Magazine

“Filled with more ghoulish atmospherics and undead deformities than ever before.”

– Prick Magazine

“Netherworld’s clowns are downright chilling.”

Prick Magazine

“The most consistently creative spook show in Atlanta.”

Gwinnett Daily Post

“You have to see it to believe it.”

Gwinnett Daily Post

“The characters ooze gore and seem to appear from nowhere.”

Gwinnett Daily Post

“I swear, one room smelled like dead things.”

– Rachael Mason, staff writer for the Gwinnett Daily Post

“I definitely screamed out loud, a girly surprised scream that I cannot reproduce on command.”

– Rachel Mason, staff writer for the Gwinnett Daily Post

“More scares per square inch than any other haunted house in town.”

Forsyth County News

“If you have not checked out Netherworld, you are really missing something.”

Forsyth County News

“Netherworld is, without a doubt, the best haunted house year after year.”

Forsyth County News

“Capturing the intensity and quality horror that is Netherworld is not an easy thing to do, but suffice it to say that it will be the most fun you will ever have wetting your pants.”

Forsyth County News

“If you only go to one haunted house this year, make it Netherworld.”

The Forsyth County News

“Hollywood quality sets.”

The Forsyth County News

One of Rue Morgue Magazine’s 13 Great Haunts to visit in October nationwide

“An Atlanta haunting tradition.”

Rue Morgue Magazine

Citysearch “Best of” for 2002

“Netherworld Haunted House extracts fear from visitors in the form of sweat, screams, and the occasional soiled undergarment.”

Creative Loafing

“Truly startling moments are mixed with cool effects and playful monsters.”


“Amazing effects and shocking horrors beyond human comprehension!”

Music Industry Network News

“Netherworld puts on a creepy show for people of all ages.”

Digital City

“Netherworld Haunted House ranks among the best in the nation.”

The Technique

“You will leave there still looking behind you.”

The Sentinel of Kennesaw State University