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Netherworld began in 1997 as the creation of a dedicated team of people with vast experience in the world of film and television. The goal was to create a uniquely
intense haunted attraction the likes of which Atlanta had never seen...
one that sought to not just scare, but to also entertain.

50 years ago, a madman named Maxmillian Colber opened a doorway to another world and looked upon The Place Where Monsters Dwell, A Realm of Yawning Graves, The World of the Dead.

In seconds, his foolish experiments unleashed lost souls thirsting for vengeance and nameless horrors hungry for the flesh of the living! And feed they did.

Tonight, YOU must travel to the depths of the Colber House, before the door to the Netherworld opens...FOREVER!

Reviews from 1997

“It’s a haunted attraction the likes of which Atlanta has never seen…guaranteed to scare and entertain.”

Season For KiDs

“Georgia’s most intense haunted house.”

Season for KiDs

“You won’t find any repeats here—these creepy creatures are unique and specifically designed just for the hallowed Netherworld.”


“This hair-raising haunted house features over 30 scenes dripping with ghostly effects, theatrical events and magical illusions guaranteed to cause blood-curdling screams.”


Number 1 Haunted House in Atlanta – “Nonstop action, awesome monsters and sets gave this new house top honors.”

96 Rock

“Be prepared to be scared!”

Atlanta Theatre Weekly

“Get ready to scream!”

The Marietta Daily Journal

“A macabre maze of monsters.”

The Marietta Daily Journal

“More blood-curdling chills than Amityville.”

The Marietta Daily Journal

“This House [Netherworld] was terrifying, which was almost a shame because I would have liked to stop and admire each intricate scenario. The scenes and characters are all strikingly original…at the end of your journey you escape through a whirling Vortex, a totally disorienting effect unlike anything you’ve ever seen!”

Community Review