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Tuesday Sep. 2nd

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Listen my student as I tell you of the new doom that has befallen us even as we celebrate our victory over the Nightmare Kings. It is why you must now go to the ruins of our stronghold and find the passageway to the noxious island of Ys!

At the hands of the Illuminati the Blood Night was at last ended. As the dark clouds melted away to reveal the suns rays, the creatures of the NETHERWORLD, caught unaware were blasted into dust! Armies of gargoyles and hideous war beasts vanished instantly in the blazing burning light. But the damage had been done – ruined cities, crushed armies and charred corpses filled the landscape. But the nightmares of the NETHERWORLD were not all destroyed…some escaped into dark basements, dank sewers and abandoned dungeons emerging again at sundown to continue their foul predations. Nighttime would never be safe as these fiends continued to stalk us from the shadows only fleeing back to their hidden lairs at dawn's first glimmer. A new class of paranormal investigators and warriors would rise, seeking to hunt and destroy these remaining beasts and expose them to our suns cleansing warmth.

But the shattered remnants of the NETHERWORLD army was not the only threat in these troubled times as new horrors rose from the depths of the primal sea! The use of the mysterious powers expended by the Illuminati in ending the Blood Night had caused other complications. Eons ago the ancient city of Ys, a place of unending horrors and primal evil had been sunk beneath the waves off the coast of Ireland. The vast positive energies depleted to stop the darkness that had enshrouded the earth had loosened the bonds that held Ys under the cleansing ocean and once again it surged to the surface! Obscene ruins where unspeakable rites were held in olden times now lay exposed to the open air as millions of birds circled the island to feast on dead fish, rotted vegetation and even stranger fare. Many and varied were the horrors of Ys but the foremost immediate threat was the freeing of the Banshees!

The Banshees had long been remembered as spectral beings whose mournful screams heralded doom. But the truth behind the nature of these dread angels of death was far more insidious. Trapped in the flooding of Ys they had gone into a dormant state paralyzed but forever undying. Now free the ancient Banshees took to the night skies once more to spread their particular form of terror as the flickering lights of Jack-O-Lanterns long remembered from the dark holidays of ancient times drew them like moths to a flame. Thus these winged eyeless horrors followed by the bloated crows of Ys came calling on the cities of man. For when a Banshee finds a Jack-O-Lantern on a cold October night it remembers its master whose dread flame filled Jacks first hollowed Turnip so long ago. Reminded of the treachery of Jack, it screams in rage! This horrid sound is more than just an audio aberration as it rends the very fabric of time and space to release twisted horrors from the NETHERWORLD! Dark Celtic spirits escape into our world as do the Fomorians – hulking monstrous savages in many forms all eager to spill human blood! The truth is that the Scream of a Banshee most certainly foretells of doom – as evil nightmarish goblins, ogres, Krampus and even Primordial giants are released by its call, to hunt and slay all the humans they can find.

The ancient Banshees now freed will soon fly to all corners of the globe to not only scream and free Formarians long banished, but to lay eggs and hatch their especially noxious offspring. It was known from moldy tomes of yore that the old Banshees of Ys fed mainly on the fleeing life forces of dying humans but that the wingless hatchling Banshees were known primarily as voracious eaters of human flesh!

Now my apprentice you must go to the Mansion of the Prophet and find the dark portal to the cadaverous island of Ys. Most of the Banshees will have fled but Merrows and other worse things from the oceans depths now dwell there and guard its secrets! You must find a way to sink the island and free us from the Banshees! This must be done at once, as even darker forces dwell in Ys – let us hope the King in Yellow has not yet risen!